Can’t Change the World Unless We Change Ourselves

Aaron Swinton

Aaron Swinton

Founder of MAVRKS.
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Wow. First one. So much that has to be said.

First steps are always the hardest. There is so much unknown and so many things that can go wrong. Or are there? If we actually try and put ourselves out there in the midst of the possibility of failure what is the worst that can happen?

I’ve been struggling so long with this idea and have been burning up with this passion EACH AND EVERY DAY. I legit wake up in the morning and can’t think about anything besides how I am going to make a difference in this world, and how I am going to leave a legendary mark. BUT, somehow I find a way to make ANOTHER excuse, and waste ANOTHER day. Why?

The more I ask myself the question “why” the more uncomfortable it makes me. I start to realize that I’m not always what I think I am. This sounds a little depressing but hear me out haha… I am a confident person and like to think that I will accomplish anything I put my mind to. When people ask me what I want to do with my life it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say something so wild that it seems out of this world. This is just who I am. But what people don’t see and hear are my times of fear and self-doubt. To be completely honest and open there are times when I really don’t believe in myself.

“What will they think of me” | “What if they don’t like it” | “Are they going to laugh”

“Am I as smart as I think I am” | “Is this all a waste of my time?” | “I’ll never get there”


 These are things that go through my head. And as much as I don’t want to admit it, these are the same things that stop me from taking that first step. Sometimes I am scared. Sometimes I am insecure. The dirty-little-secret is that we all feel this way from time to time.

  The only way to combat this is to commit to action despite feeling unsureness.

 “There are risk and cost to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction”  – John F. Kennedy

 It’s completely human to feel times of fear and unsettledness. But we have to move forward. Every single person in this world has their own unique ability to manifest greatness, but so few are able to fight through the times when they are not sure about their path.

 Fear is like a brick wall between us and our dreams. We have a feeling that there is something great on the other side, but it’s not always clear how we can climb that wall. Some people turn right around when they feel fear and automatically assume they can’t climb the wall before even trying.

 We have to understand that these feelings of fear are signals of our greatness calling and instead of avoiding anything that brings us fear, we need to welcome it. This requires us to change our perception of fear from a negative, into an opportunity to grow and take a step closer to manifesting our greatness.

 So here’s the challenge. Whatever it is that you have been dreaming of doing — go for it. The first step is always the hardest, but climbing that first wall allows you to develop muscles that make it easier and easier to climb the next. Life is too short to not realize your greatness, so let’s make being courageous a habit.

 Step one. Check.