Aaron Swinton

Aaron Swinton

Founder of MAVRKS.
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Wanna know the craziest thing about living in a world with 7 continents, 195 countries, and 7.53 billion people??

There’s only 1 you.

You can be from the hood of Chicago or born into a Royal family in the Middle East. Your environment doesn’t define you. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, tall, short, an Atlanta Falcons fan or an avid FC Barcelona fan — at the end of the day there is only one person with your unique fingerprint in this world. YOU are YOU.

Sometimes in such a big world it become easy to feel small and insignificant. We get dragged into these lives of mediocrity and are told what the pathways to success are, and that if we work hard enough we’ll get there some day. The problem with this is that we become so busy in striving towards fitting into a predefined mold of “success” that we seem to forget to strive toward all we are meant to be — ourselves. The worst part of this rat race is that most of the time these molds of “success” that we are chasing aren’t even our own goals. They’re things that we see on TV and Instagram that people tag as the way we should live our lives.

Why are we often pressured to become like a group of “successful” people even if we’re totally different than them? Will we ever achieve happiness this way?

Ok, so there may be benefits such as financial freedom or prestige, but the people that are really the change makers in the world are the ones that walk to the beat of their own drum. The most beautiful thing about people who live their lives on their terms is that you can sense their unique energy without them even having to say much.

Now before you quit your job and go running naked in the street because you “are free and don’t have to live by societies standards”, let’s dive a little deeper into this topic.


Yo, when I was younger I wanted to be just like Usher hahaha. And when I say I knew every single word to “You Don’t have to Call” I mean I could’ve recited the song word-for-word in my sleep… yeah it was that deep.

But there was one small problem; there was and will be only one Usher. Yeah, my voice may sound like an angel from heaven, but no matter how well I sang or did my best impersonation of his dance moves, the simple matter of the fact was that I could never be Usher no matter hard I tried.

While this may have ruined my childhood dreams, it is actually great news for all of us. We have an opportunity every single day to truly become ourselves, something that absolutely nobody else can replicate. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, we spend so much time trying to be like other people that we don’t think about how people we look up to got to where they are. I can almost guarantee you they first found out who they really are and then used what they were blessed with to become the best version of THEMSELVES, not the next guy.

Listen, there’s no problem with looking up to people for what they’ve accomplished and learn from what they’ve done. But at the end of the day YOU are enough. If we just took a step back and shifted some of our energy from trying to chase idols into finding ourselves we’d all be better for it.

Can’t win at someone else’s game. Might as well play your own?